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Oh lala !! Its all about false eyelashes
False eye lashes are a big hit these days. All the models, celebrities to socialites have it on their eyes, and why not, false eye lashes makes your look even more beautiful. The way you blink your eyes make the other person gaze at you again and again. So where did it all started from? In 1916 while filming “Intolerance”, D.W Griffith studied an actress in a babylowian costume and felt something was not perfect. Seeing Owen’s eyes, he asked his wigmaker to use spirit gun to glue a pair of lashes made from human hair onto owen’s eyelids. This made her eyelashes look twice as large and gave a supernatural looks. Within a decade, false eyelashes became a standard equipment for actresses.
Eyelashes extensions are used to enhance the length , fullness and thickness of natural eyelashes. The extensions may be made from several materials including silk and mink, synthetic or human hair. Some brands which are doing well in the industry are House of Lashes, Ardell Lashes, Sephora Lashes, Huda Beauty Lashes, MAC Lashes, Kardashian Lashes.

Initial Process before use of Eye Lash Extensions:
  1. Assess the condition of your lashes- If your eyelashes are short and thin, then thick extensions won’t last long. Natural lashes much be longer and healthier to withstand the Weight of fake eyelashes.
  2. Choose the Design and Type- The fake lashes comes in three categories, Short, Medium and Long as per your requirement and comfort. Try explore different color and thickness.
  3. Purchase an eyelash extension kit- If you are interested for Fake eyelash get a kit from a nearby beauty store. Kit comprises of tweezers, adhesive, adhesive remover and an eyelash brush.

    • Each kit is different. Please read the instructions and follow it carefully.
    • Check the ingredients on the adhesive. Ensure that formaldehyde must not be listed in ingredient.
  4. It must be professionally applied: Lash line and surroundings are very sensitive, applying it by yourself may hurt you as applying can irritate your sensitive eye skin. Call someone who knows professionally to apply the fake eyelashes.

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